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Women together
Williamina Fleming oversees the Harvard Computers

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Women together

Time Will Tell theatre company come to the RAS

Image Credit: RAS

Find all the articles celebrating Women and the RAS in one place at Oxford University Press.

From Medallists to Fellows and beyond – A&G is celebrating the women who have been part of the RAS through its history, and Fellows since 1916. All the articles we have had so far can now be found on one webpage, giving an overview of the contributions made by women to this great learned society. Many of their contributions are all the more impressive for being made despite social restrictions and expectations that women scientists today do not have to countenance. 

As the year progresses, more articles will be added, until we have a 'virtual issue' of A&G, celebrating the characters whose efforts advanced science and whose science in turn advanced equality. We will finish with a look at the state of the Royal Astronomical Society now and how it might progress in the future, in the December issue. Look out for them in print and on the A&G Online website at OUP. 


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