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Life on RAS Council

Stacey Habergham, National Schools Observatory manager and RAS Councillor

Image Credit: S. Habergham

Who's on RAS Council and what do they do? Stacey Habergham, the subject of our Q&A page in the April A&G, tells all.

Think of the RAS Council and what springs to mind? A bunch of ageing academics, ruminating high-mindedly over tea and biscuits? Shadowy figures conspiring behind the scenes to control astronomy and geophysics? Or an irrelevant body doing not a lot in a dusty old room somewhere in London? Stacey Habergham would be out of place in any of these scenarios, yet she is very much part of the real RAS Council, rather than the versions we could imagine.

The RAS is run by its Fellows and all and any can stand for election to Council. If elected to Council, they become Trustees of the Society and have powerful role in shaping it to meet the needs of today's Fellows, who are not in general shadowy, dusty or irrelevant. Election to Council means that Fellows have a voice at the heart of Society decisions. "I have loved every minute, being part of something that really makes a difference, and being a voice for diversity and early career researchers", sh says in her Q&A profile. She's now the RAS Diversity Champion, has sat on the STFC small awards committee and been part of the RAS200 outreach project to mark the bicentenary of the RAS in 2020. Stacey notes that the experience of working on Council has boosted her confidence and giving her the tools to do more in her other roles and encourages others to follow in her footsteps. If nothing else, you'll represent your sciences and your constituency on Council and ensure that the RAS remains valauable to its Fellows. 



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