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Getting ahead for STFC

John Womersley, departing CEO of the STFC

Image Credit: STFC

John Womersley is leaving STFC after 11 years as powerful advocate of astronomy and astrophysics.

The chance to question, Tweet, chat to and generally upbraid the Chief Executive Officer of the major funding body for UK astronomy has been a feature of John Womersley's time in charge of STFC. He has been a notable success and has engaged the astronomy community in decision-making in difficult financial circumstances. His talks at the National Astronomy Meeting combined awareness of community concerns with blunt – and necessary – reminders of the bigger government picture. He has done so with humour, good humour and the acceptance that no decision will please everyone, but decisions have to be made.

Womersley is moving on to lead the European Spallation Source in Lund, Sweden, in November this year.  John Zarnecki, at NAM2016, thanked him for his work and his openness in working with the astronomy community. To find out more about John, read his responses to our Q&A in A&G. 


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