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Funding for meteorite research
Hoba meteorite in Namibia, photographie prise par GIRAUD Patrick

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The Paneth Meteorite Trust is looking for undergraduate students to take up paid internships in research into meteorites. The closing date for applications is 6 April 2018.

The Paneth Meteorite Trust, administered by the Royal Astronomical Society, is offering several bursaries to support research into meteoritics by undergraduate students at institutions in Europe in the summer of 2018. Potential supervisors should make the applications, normally for 6 weeks work, and it is the institution's responsibility, if successful, to select candidates. Bursaries will be awarded at the rate of £180 per week (£190 in London) and are expected to go wholly to the candidate; other costs associated with the studentships, such as bench fees, are not paid by the Trust. 

Full details of the awards and the application process, can be found on the RAS website. The closing date for applications is 6 April.  


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