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Congratulations Quentin

Quentin Brissaud

Quentin Brissaud has won a GJI Student Author Award for 2017

Quentin Brissaud won the Geophysical Journal International Student Author Award for 2017 for his paper "Hybrid Galerkin numerical modelling of elastodynamics and compressible Navier–Stokes couplings: applications to seismo-gravito acoustic waves". Quentin was the first author of the paper, which is freely available at the Oxford University Press journal website: Quentin Brissaud, Roland Martin, Raphaël F. Garcia and Dimitri Komatitsch (2017) 210, 1047–1069. 

Manuscripts are short listed by our high profile Editorial Board and highlighted on the Geophysical Journal International homepage. To qualify, students are required to be the first author at submission. The winners receive a cash prize and a certificate, and acknowledgements are made at the American Geophysical Union and European Geosciences Union General Assembly meetings.



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