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All round fun
Out of this world planetarium show
Image Credit: NSC Creative

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All round fun

Credits at the premiere

Image Credit: NSC Creative

There's a new planetarium show out there and it really is quite ... out there! RAS reviewer Stephen Serjeant is impressed.

Outreach is an important theme of the RAS Bicentenary celebrations, specifically the 14 RAS200 outreach projects that are working to spread the use and appreciation of the RAS sciences to new audiences. One of those new audiences are music-lovers and the Planets 360° outreach project is getting their attention through the Planets Suite by Holst, premiered 100 years ago this year. A new performance of this iconic orchestral music – from the Philharmonia Orchestra – forms the core of a planetarium show using recent scientific imagery of the planets. And, in a bid to engage a different type of music-lover, there is a completely new and innovative look at the same theme by sonicXploras, complete with a planetarium show full of startling new imagery. 

You can read Stephen Serjeant's take on this show which he saw at the premiere in February this year. And if you are interested in sharing the show, get in touch with NSC Creative – as part of the RAS200 project, it will be available for free to planetariums across the UK. 


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