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A DIY radio telescope
Getting the XRT-C ready
Image Credit: Laura Moore

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If you want to do radio astronomy, then build yourself a radio telescope. That's what a group of students at the University of Exeter thought, and now they are ready to peer into the galactic centre.

Sam Morrell recounts why and how a team of students set about building their own radio telescope – now established in the grounds of Caradon Observatory in Cornwall. It's been a rocky road, with initial plans to build the instrument on the campus of the University of Exeter thwarted by lack of space, then plans to site it at the Norman Lockyer Observatory near Sidmouth ground to a halt because of planning restrictions. Caradon Observatory, an observatory built near. Liskeard by retired nuclear engineer and owner Ken Bennett and his wife Muriel Bennett for STEM outreach – their personal passion – came to the rescue. Now the dish is installed, the electronics tested and observations are imminent. 


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