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What do astronomers want? News

What do astronomers want?

Published: 27 March 2019

How do we use limited research funding to get the best outcomes for astronomy research? That's the question asked of the community by the Astronomy Advisory Committee of the Science and Technology Facilities Council – and here's the responses.

Other Earths, other ionospheres...? News

Other Earths, other ionospheres...?

Published: 1 February 2019

Our ionosphere makes our planet distinctive from space – but might an ionosphere also indicate Earth-like planets around other stars? Michael Mendillo ponders this question in the latest issue of A&G.

Welcome to the party News

Welcome to the party

Published: 28 November 2018

Big stargazing events generate of lot of razzmatazz, but how much impact do they make? Karen Masters and colleagues had a look at the legacy of Stargazing Live events at Portsmouth.

Happy Birthday MIST News

Happy Birthday MIST

Published: 26 November 2018

It's fifty years since the UK's magnetosphere, ionosphere and solar terrestrial physicists started to get together, hold meetings and develop their community, a group supported by the RAS form the start. Mike Lockwood looks back – and forwards.

Pocket rockets News

Pocket rockets

Published: 3 October 2018

Imagine a fleet of small satellites able to work together, flying to deep space targets, hitching a lift on the launch of other spacecraft. As Roger Walker and his ESA colleagues write, this is now in the Space Agency's plans/