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What do astronomers want?
Artists' impression of the Extremely Large Telescope under construction by ESO

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How do we use limited research funding to get the best outcomes for astronomy research? That's the question asked of the community by the Astronomy Advisory Committee of the Science and Technology Facilities Council – and here's the responses.

The UK funding organisation UK Research and Innovation, through its subdivision the Science and Technology Facilities Council, asked its Astronomy and Astrophysics Panel to set priorities for future funding decisions. The AAP, in turn, asked the community, late in 2018, and the responses formed the basis for their report to STFC. Chair Stephen Serjeant and colleagues on the AAP give an overview of the community response, which identifies priorities for future funding, focusing on, broadly speaking, access to data including to the European Southern Observatory and the Extremely Large Telescope, supercomputing and grant line funding to use them both.


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