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Off to Nottingham
Nottingham Business School South – home to part of NAM2016
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Everything's set for NAM2016

Just a week to go before hundreds (and I do mean hundreds) of astronomers, solar-terrestrial and magnetospheric/ionospheric physicists descend upon the unsuspecting city of Nottingham for NAM2016. The sessions are sorted, the plenaries planned (from cosmology to coronal heating) and it's nearly time to go. 

NAM is such a varied meeting that it's hard to pick out highlights – everyone ends up with a different timetable following personal interests – but I will be looking forward to the plenaries on Herschel and the E-ELT, especially. I'm looking forward to finding out more about progress towards building the latter, and to seeing more of the revealing data from the former.  

I'm also hoping for a Robin Hood fridge magnet and/or shot glass for the A&G office – I don't think anything in Nottingham lace will look right, somehow.


Dr Sue Bowler

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Dr Sue Bowler

Dr Sue Bowler is Editor of A&G and A&G Forum.

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