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The Earth in far ultraviolet, taken during the Apollo16 Moon mission
Image Credit: NASA/Apollo 16

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The February 2019 issue of A&G includes geophysics for global security, exoplanet ionospheres, outreach with dancing, education with culture and lots more.

A&G kicks off 2019 with a mixed bag of articles including exoplanets, global geophysics outreach and education.

Our cover feature by Michael Mendillo examines the nature of Earth's ionosphere and whether ionospheres might be indicators of life on exoplanets. The contribution of geophysics to our global security was the subject of a Royal Astronomical Society discussion meeting that examined how seismology can support international security treaties, reviewed by Sheila Peacock. And the opportunities and benefits of school students taking part in research are examined by Peter Hatfield, using the successful LUCID cosmic ray experiment. 

Outreach and education also featured in this issue, with an examination of the new Australian school science curriculum that includes the culture of indigenous people. Ragbir Bhathal shows how the natural links between  traditional culture and modern science can be explored fruitfully in schools, to the benefit of students from all cultures. 

Outreach website MacTutor includes historical and biographical information about astronomers, as well as mathematicians and physicists, An RAS grant, matched by funding from the home institution the Schools of Mathematics and Physics, University of St Andrews, made it possible for two undergraduates to research and write additions to the site. They focused on the competition to become Director of the Paris Observatory in 1907.

And there are cutting edge scientific instruments from the fifteenth century, dancing under the stars on a Derbyshire hillside for astronomy outreach and progress in RAS200 outreach in Cornwall.



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