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The August issue of A&G is ready to read on-line, with a citizen science focus, but also articles about distinguished scientists, past and present, space weather and. how to promote string scientific ethics.

If you're stuck for holiday reading, have a look at the August A&G and find out more about the ways that citizen science is spreading – even into solid. Earth geophysics – and research is benefitting. Read Jay Pasachoff on the science of the great American Eclipse last year, Ragbir Bhathal on the career of Rachel Webster, and Ciaran. Beggan and Jim. Wild reporting on an RAS meeting about the ground effects of severe space weather. RAS Librarian Siân Prosser describes a De Morgan manuscript, one of the treasures of the RAS archives, made special by the author's playful doodles and notes in the margins. And Seth Stein and colleagues suggest that one way to bring better behaviour in science is for senior figures to discuss examples from their careers and how they handled them. It can be difficult to talk about issues when current cases are under investigation, but many people working in science feel the need to discus the issues. Relevant historical examples are a fruitful way to engage younger colleagues and drive constructive engagement with real world examples. It helps if those senior colleagues can admit to mistakes in the past, and that discussions take place in an atmosphere that encourages genuine. two-way engagement, perhaps with early career researchers able to share different points of view. 


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