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International Committee minutes
The RAS roundel showing Herschel's great telescope
Image Credit: RAS

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The RAS International Committee has been meeting and here's what was decided.

We had a virtual meeting on 2 November 2018 of 13 members, 6 of whom were new to the Committee. Main points noted:

  • All overseas communications should now be by email
  • On-line access to Fellows’ contact details depend on their active consent, sought annually. However, only a fraction of Fellows has responded, thereby limiting its usefulness.
  • On-line access to RAS specialist discussions awaiting clarification of copyrightissues.
  • An advisor has been appointed to co-ordinate activities for RAS@200. The Committee will be making proposals involving the overseas membership.
  • We shall continue to look for new ways of improving membership benefits for overseas Fellows.
  • The International Exchange Programme with the OAD was proceeding well and is now oversubscribed.
  • More material needed for the A&G website and International Section. Images, blogs, videos and links welcome.
  • A new world map of RAS Fellowship is being requested from the IT Committee.
  • The £9k RAS Award for Lecturers’ visits remains underused.
  • RAS will consider holding receptions and overseas meetings additional to the AAS meetings.

As the current Chair Phil Charles has completed his allotted term, a new chair is being selected to take his place. 


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