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Images with impact
Matt Stringfellow's winning entry in 2015
Image Credit: Matt StringFellows/BGA

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Images with impact

Matt Furnell's image, runner-up in 2015

Image Credit: Matt Furnell/BGA

Do you have a striking image related to geophysics? if so, then you could enter the British Geophysical Association Image Competition for 2016.

The British Geophyscal Association are looking for images about geophysics, to help promote UK geophysics. They are looking for dramatic geophysical fieldwork photos, spectacular images of numerical simulations, stimulating photos of laboratory experiments in progress, or even geophysical data overlays or drapes on topography or other surfaces, for example. Anything with a geophysical context is eligible, but the link to geophysics must be obvious within the image itself. Generic landscape photos, for example, are ineligible, and make sure your image is in jpeg or jpg format only.

The top prize is £200 and a 1-year membership of one of the BGA parent societies: the Royal Astronomical Society or the Geological Society of London. Runner-up prize is a 1-year membership of one of the parent societies.

And the deadline is 31 August 2016 – so sort through your excellent images and submit them ASAP! Please submit images by e-mail to theThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., clearly indicating “BGA image competition” in the subject line and including in the body of the email a brief description of the image and its geophysical relevance. Entrants should be based at a UK-institution or live in the UK. Full details at the BGA website.

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