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Inside the path compensator building of the Magdalena Ridge Observatory Interferometer (MROI).
Image Credit: MROI

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The devil is in the detail when it comes to astronomical images, and the more detail the better. An RAS Specialist Discussion Meeting on 'High resolution imaging in the visual and infrared' gave an overview of current research and future prospects.

New imaging technologies are bringing new opportunities for high resolution astrophysics, in space and from the ground. The range of approaches is broad, from advanced adaptive optics for ground-based telescopes to ways to get into space without building and launching a full-size space telescope. The VLT and ELT offer huge scope for exoplanet imaging, galaxy resolution at high redshift and more. In addition to the challenging instrumentation development underway at the European Southern Observatory, there are also approaches using potential new instruments altogether, such as GravityCam, and technological step changes such as the use of array telescopes as an optical interferometer at Magdalena Ridge Observatory. Some speakers also discussed especially creative approaches to improving resolution, such as launching telescopes on long-duration balloon flights, or developing cheap-to-launch unfolding telescopes. Find out more in the published article at A&G OnLine.



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