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February: dust, dark skies and lunar swirls
Zodiacal light at Paranal
Image Credit: ESO/Y Beletsky

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The February 2017 issue of A&G is packed full of articles that delve into the formation of the solar system, a mission to another planetary system, Saturn's current sheet and more

The A&G cover image for February is the glow of solar system dust called zodiacal light. Dust was the subject of an RAS Specialist Discussion Meeting, drawing together data from space missions, observatories and the surface of the Earth to understand how dust can provide information about star and planet formation and the earliest growth of the solar system. The excellent data bring a better understanding of key processes in the origin of dust, its formation and, especially, how it clumps together to start the process of planet formation – and the meeting also considered the problem of space junk, debris from accidental and deliberate fragmentation of satellites. Read more at A&G Online


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