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Cosmic Collisions
Crawick Multiverse
Image Credit: Charles Jencks

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Cosmic Collisions

Carlos Frenck, a speaker at Cosmic Collisions

Image Credit: Cosmic Collisions

Come and experience cosmology, art and performance combined in one weekend at Crawick Multiverse, a new 'artland' in southern Scotland.

Charles Jencks is no stranger to expressing ideas in landscape – his Garden of Cosmic Speculation is well-known for its interpretation of cosmology. Now he has been one of the driving forces behind the Crawick Multiverse, an area of landscape art near Sanquhar in Dunfreis and Galloway. The summer solstice weekend (well, nearly) of the 23 and 24 June will see the unveiling of his new installation there, Cosmic Collision, and a series of talks from Carlos Frenk, Monica Grady, Martin Hendry and Noam Libeskind, plus Daniel Libeskind will be in conversation with Jencks.  The weekend will also see the opening of an exhibition: Cosmic Collisions, Birth, Rebirth & the Universe by Charles Jencks & Daniel Libeskind, at the Merz Studio in Sanquhar. 

All are welcome; details of tickets, costs and how to join the picnic on saturday 24 June cane be found on the Crawick Multiverse website

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