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Attending the LGBT+STEMinar?

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Image Credit: LGBT+STEM

Researchers in RAS fields planning to attend the LGBT+Steminar in January 2018 can now apply for bursaries towards the cost.

The LGBT STEM group aim ot improve the visibility of LGBT+ people in science technology, emgineering and mathematics subjects. A key element of ther strategy is the annual STEMinar, to be held in 2018 at the University of York on 12 January. The RAS is pleased to be sponsoring next year's meeting, in the form of three travel bursaries of up to £100 for RAS Fellows. 

The conference is designed for people who work or study in STEM subjects and identify as LGBT+. The LGBT+STEMinar will showcase work from diverse fields and to encourage collaborations. Those who may not identify as LGBT but wish to discover and support the work that LGBT+ people are doing are most welcome to attend. While registration for talks and posters is closed, anyone interested can still register to attend. 

To be eligible for the bursaries, applicants need to be RAS Fellows, attending or presenting at the conference, and to be a PhD student or first year PostDoc. You'll need to apply by email to  and it's first come, first served! Applications are open until the conference itself, and successful applicants will be informed quickly. Find out more at the physicists and astronomers LGBT network pages on the RAS website.


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