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Committee Meeting 1 August 2017

Dear Overseas Fellows,

We hope you will already have seen the column on Page 3.8 of A&G (June issue). This tackles issues raised by a number of you last year in response to our questionnaire. In addition, the IC will henceforth publish on the blog a brief summary of our twice-yearly meetings.

The 1 August meeting noted:

-The main intent following the questionnaire was to find ways of improving benefits for overseas-based fellows and getting their suggestions, rather than introducing an overseas rate

-Access to local members through RAS directory: now requested for all new members and existing members on renewal

-The recent signature of the MoU with the OAD

-The availability of £10k per annum for International Exchange Visits (subject to a review each January by Council) with initial selection by the OAD

-OAD Newsletters can be viewed at www.astro4dev.org/media/newsletters

-More input from overseas fellows was needed for regionally-targeted material for A&G. Specifically, material was needed on founders of the RAS linked with the South African establishment

-RAS Award Lecturers Visits: suggestions needed for future exchanges and visits

-The need for better ‘G’ representation on the IC

-Next meeting in late autumn

So – we hope you will help us with your input.

RAS International  Committee


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