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Ask an astrophysicist

Mike Merrifield (left) and Fred Hopper (then NAS President); observatory opening 2006

Image Credit: Nottingham Astronomical Society

Nottingham Astronomical Society members get a chance to quiz two local astrophysicists

Professor Mike Merrifield FRAS and Dr Julian Onion FRAS will be facing questions from members of Nottingham Astronomical Society (NAS) at the Society's coming Social and Practical Astronomy Meeting to be held on Thursday 20th April 2017.

Professor Merrifield is the Head of the School of Physics and Astronomy at The University of Nottingham opened the Society's observatory in 2006. Julian Onions recently completed his PhD at the University and now is working as a post-doctoral researcher; Julian has been a member of the Society for a number of years.

The Social and Practical Astronomy Meetings are a new venture for the Society which has previously held predominantly formal lecture-style meetings. These new monthly meetings are in addition to the lecture meeting programme and aim to encourage a more informal interaction amongst members and any guest speakers. The coming event, titled "ask an astrophysicist" will give members of the Society an opportunity to sit down and ask those questions which they've always held back at the formal meetings, and to have an interact chat with our two experts over a cup of tea.

I'm not sure Mike and Julian really know what they've let themselves in for; I am sure there are going to be some weird and wonderful questions!

We are very grateful to them both for giving up their time.

James Dawson
Social and Practical Astronomy Meetings Organiser
Nottingham Astronomical Society


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